Pray for Sydney - Pentecost 2015

Transforming Sydney and Newtown Mission

Dear friends of Christ.

23rd May 2015 at Newtown Mission was an amazing evening of prayer and passion for the church in Sydney. Around 120 leaders came together to pray earnestly for the people across the region, for breakthrough in families, in the churches, and in the communities.

Worship at Newtown Mission

Newtown Mission opened it's doors and welcomed us with an open heart; we give thanks to them for their generosity and thanks to God for their gifts of service to us:

Ps. Brian and worship team

Ps. Brian on guitar and the worship team led us throughout the evening in vibrant, varied and deep worship of our Lord and God.

Ps. Andy welcome

Ps. Andy welcomed everyone and opened with a rousing prayer straight from the heart.

People at Newtown Mission

Rev. Graeme was our gracious host of the evening, and prayed for the Uniting and Wesleyan communities across Sydney.

Bob and Rev. Fred

We were also welcomed by a local Sydney indigenous leader Bob who prayed for peace and true reconciliation between all our peoples in Australia.

Hon. the Rev. Fred Nile inspired us with a stirring prayer for our NSW and Australian Parliaments and government leaders. Thankyou Fred for coming with Silvana and praying with us through the whole evening.

The prayers for our city were grouped into three circles of prayer covering family, church and marketplace.


Ps. Jonathan, Rev. Peter, Ps. David and Gordon

For Children - Ps. Jonathan, Youth - Rev. Peter, Families - Ps. David, and Seniors - Gordon.

Church Communities

Sandra, Paul, Magdy, Ps. Gerald and Costandi

Catholic - Marita*, Anglican - Rev. Daniel*, Baptist - Pete*, Churches of Christ - Ps. Sam*, Salvation Army - Maj. Peter*, Uniting - Ps. Graeme* and Pentecostal - Sandra.

Chinese - Paul, Korean - Ps. John*, Indonesian - Ps. Yosafat*, Middle Eastern - Magdy, African - Ps. Gerald, and for unity of the whole church - Costandi.

(*Our apologies; some photos are unavailable.)

Sydney Regions

Sydney East - Rev. Craig, Sydney - Bjorn, Sydney Inner-West - Rev. Antony, Parramatta - Ps. Louis, Penrith - Ps. Howard, and the Blue Mountains - Ps. David.

Rev. Craig, Bjorn, Rev. Antony, Ps. Louis, Ps. Howard, Ps. David, Ps. Dennis, Rev. Owen, Ps. John, Ps. Martin, Barbara, Ps. Ian, Jan, Ron and Dr. Paul

Campbelltown - Ps. Dennis, Sydney South-West - Rev. Owen, Sydney North-West - Ps. John, Central Coast - Ps. Martin, Hornsby - Barbara, Northern Beaches - Ps. Ian, Sydney North - Jan, St. George / Sutherland - Ron, and Illawarra - Dr. Paul.

Petitions & Open Prayer

Bjorn presented a number of prayer petitions, and a few local and visiting leaders and intercessors added their own heart-felt prayers for our city.

Ps. Brian, Christine and Lilian

City Blessings and Closing Prayer

Ps. Brian prayed a blessing for Melbourne to send with our sister Christine to our much loved fellowship of the believers there, and Christine prayed in turn for our city.

Lilian then closed the gathering with words of encouragement and a prayer of blessing for all.

(All photos thanks to Fendy Soewarni.)

Where to Now?

In the days following this event we heard nothing but praise to God for the unity we experienced. We've also been asked how soon we can do this again, like "Can we do this every month?"

It is our hope that this will happen every year on Pentecost at a different locations across Sydney. It is our prayer that you will all do your own part to build unity across our city and nation.

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