Pray for Sydney - Pentecost 2016

Transforming Sydney and Parramatta Pastors

Dear friends of Christ.

Late in 2015 after prayer and discernment the Parramatta Pastors responded to our call for a prayer gathering on Pentecost Eve in 2016, and so on the 14th May we came together with around 150 leaders from across Sydney to pray for the people of the Parramatta Region, Sydney and NSW, and Australia and the Nations.

Worship at Parra Salvos
Maj. Grant

Our host Maj. Grant welcomed us to Parramatta Salvos and opened the evening with prayer.


Local indigenous leader Frederick (Fred) challenged us to understand that the Holy Spirit was already here when the Europeans arrived and that He was speaking to those who were willing to listen. Fred quoted from 2 Chronicles 16:9 "For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth..." to underline this point. Bringing the gospel helped the Aboriginal peoples to understand who is the God that many already believed in and to learn about Jesus.


Fred earnestly prayed for his people to find a deeper relationship with God.

Bjorn gave a brief overview of how the Pentecost Eve event started last year in 2015 at Newtown Mission, gave thanks for God's work in the churches of the Inner West since Pentecost Eve 2015, and then asked Ps. Andy to 'pass the baton' from the Inner West to Parramatta.

Ps. Andy and the Parramatta Pastors
Ps. Simon

Ps. Andy prayed for the Parramatta leaders and imparted a blessing to them. Ps. Simon spoke on behalf of the Parramatta Pastors outlining the need for prayer in the region and then invited Ps. Alan to lead us in a prayer of repentance.

Ps. Alan

After a couple of songs, Sydney intercessor Trish led us in intercessory prayer for Fathers and leaders of Australia.

Worship at Parra Salvos

Australian Elder Des declared that we have three feasts that are important to the Church, and we celebrate Christmas and Easter, but Pentecost is often neglected. He then led us in a prayer for a special Pentecost this year.


Prayers across the Parramatta Region

Jacqueline Donaldson, Deputy Mayor of Blacktown thanked God for the diversity of people and cultures that God had brought to Blacktown and she prayed for the breaking of enemy strongholds (poverty, bad reputation, etc.) that are oppressing the people and holding back the area.

Trevor and Pam prayed for the Parramatta region; for unity in the churches and the governing bodies, for souls to be won and for Parramatta to be known as a river of life for the thirsty and for those that are seeking for the truth, and that there will be a ripple effect across the region of Parramatta and beyond.

Jacqueline, Trevor and Pam

Youth leader Ben poured out his heart for the youth and youth groups in the Parramatta area, praying ernestly for them and for breakthroughs in leadership and a hunger for God's word.

Maj. Peter

After more worship, Maj. Peter delivered a stirring message on "Preparing for Pentecost", reminding us of the scriptures leading to the outpouring of Holy Spirit at Pentecost and challenging us to turn our focus away from 'Church' organisation and back to the Holy Spirit and being 'of one accord'.

Prayers across Sydney and NSW

John and Magda briefed us on the amazing doors Good is opening in Lakemba through their prayer group and prayed for softening of hard areas around Sydney and for awakening in the church (returning to her first love).

Michael read to us the prayer of Jesus to the Father in John 17 and prayed into this for unity of the Body of Christ.

John, Magda and Michael

Daryl who works in Education prayed for the students and staff in our schools and in education across Sydney.

Ron prayed for John 17 unity in the Southern area of Sydney (St George and Sutherland Shire regions), for unity within the body and community involvement which is currently lacking, and for Pentecost Eve 2017 and in particular that God will provide a Holy Spirit empowered team to gather His leaders for this event.

Juanyk prayed for the people of Sydney; that they would come alive to the knowledge that Jesus Christ has made a way for them to enter into relationship with the Father, that churches across Sydney would be filled with people, that churches have their arms stretched wide in acceptance to those being saved, and that we would extend the hand of grace and mercy. He raad Isaiah 55:10-11 and prayed that the seed of faith (the spoken word of God) in every man, woman & child's heart in Sydney would grow into a crop of God's righteousness and produce fruit, and that as Isaiah 55 verse 11 declared, that this spoken word of God would accomplish all that God intends, that none would perish but all have eternal life.

Daryl, Ron and Juanyk

Prayers across Australia and the Nations

Gordon prayed that Lord would raise up more intercessors for Australia and possibly use the Watchman Schools of Intercession (run by the Australian Prayer Network) to do so, that He would humble us under His almighty hand and do in Christians first what He wants to do in the rest of Australia, giving thanks that media and politicians are currently doing is what God has allowed them to do but that He would raise up Christians to speak with boldness and graciousness, that what is hidden in our society will be revealed and that truth will be seen, and that we will be given the grace and courage to continue to stand for what is righteous and true.

Kristen felt led to take of her shoes as she felt the Lord was saying that this is holy ground and she prayed for the Father's Heart anointing to be released on the body of Christ throughout Australia.

Rev. Kau spoke about the long history of Chinese in Australia and then prayed for revival of Chinese Christians to reach out the Chinese in Australia, unity of Chinese Churches to witness as the body of Christ, and a dedicated minority empowered by the Spirit and a witness to group solidarity.

Gordon, Kristen and Rev. Kau

Marita prayed for healing for those who have been hurt by the institutions in the name of religion and for those who caused abuse and those who suffered because of abuse to experience the mercy of God.

Rev. Peter prayed for children and young people, and the ministries bringing the gospel to them, and for for our brothers and sisters struggling against fierce opposition to Scripture in schools in Victoria and Queensland.

(Note: this was the third time in the evening that prayers for youth and education were raised to the throne of God.).

Our international guest of honour Ps. Beto asked all the women to stand and prayed a blessing on women; who are equally gifted with men to serve the Body of Christ and prayed against barriers preventing them to serve and be valued as equal partners in ministry.

Marita, Rev. Peter and Ps. Beto

Small Group Prayer

Our MC Ps. Louis called everyone to break up into small groups for 15 minutes to pray for each other and any burdens for prayer that people received. Small Group Prayer

Closing Prayer


After the Group Prayer, Lilian the Convenor of TS prayed for the peoples of Israel, Lebanon, Syria and IRAQ.

Ps. Louis

Our MC Ps Louis thanked everyone for coming and offered a closing prayer and blessing.

Our thanks to the Parramatta Pastors and the organising committee, especially:
  • Maj. Peter and Majs. Grant and Sharon and the Salvation Army for hosting the event,
  • Ps. Simon and the Servants of Jesus Community in Seven Hills for hosting our meetings and providing the discernment and worship teams, SOJ Worship Team
  • Ps. Louis for organising many of the smaller details and being a fantastic MC for the evening,
  • Trish and her team of intercessors for holding in prayer the event and people involved,
  • The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta who made us so welcome and supported us, advertising the event, and
  • Everyone who came and contributed to a fantastic evening of unity and prayer!

Where to Next Year?

Planning has already begun for Pentecost Eve 2017 in Southern Sydney - please contact us if you are interested to be involved or would like to run a Pentecost Eve event in your region.

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