Training through Workshops and Seminars

Transforming Sydney has provided workshops and seminars on a number of topics related to transformation and healing, and we are well-equipped and ready to offer training on the subjects below. Please contact us for further information and to discuss how we can run these for your church and regional groups.

Also don’t forget to check out the informative sessions from the "Only believe 2012" conference on YouTube

A. Workshop on Christian Prayer

1 - What is Prayer?

  • Prayer in the Old Testament
  • Prayer in the New Testament
  • The Guides for Prayer
  • The Life of Prayer
  • The Lord’s Prayer – Introduction

2 - Prayer on Evangelism

  • Prayer is communion with God
  • The knowledge of God
  • Release of labourers
  • Evil forces opposing the harvest are bound
  • Release of God’s presence and power for evangelism
  • Prayer prepares us to receive answers

3 - The Importance of Prayer in Evangelism

  • The fruits are lasting
  • Praying for people is also evangelism
  • The example of Jesus.
  • Jesus prayed and preached the gospel
  • Evangelisation founded in prayer

4 - Prayer – The Secret to an Open Door

  • Testimony of Prayer

B. Workshop on How to Establish a Prayer Group

C. Workshop on How to pray for Healing and Wholeness

Level 1:

  • The healing miracles of Jesus
  • Jesus prayed before important events
  • Why didn’t Jesus normally pray prior to ministering healing?
  • Did Jesus prepare for his ministry of healing?
  • The ministry of Peter and Paul in the Acts of the Apostles
  • How then should we pray for healing and wholeness?

Level 2:

  • The Authority of Jesus
  • The Authority of Jesus’ Disciples
  • The Healing Miracles of Jesus
  • Healing Miracles of Paul

Level 3:

  • Example of Jesus’ Prayer Life
  • Freedom in Christ through Prayer:
    1. Repentance and Faith
    2. Forgiveness
    3. Renounce the Work of the Enemy (a prayer to be able to hear from God)
    4. Recognizing who you are in Christ
    5. Receiving the Father’s blessing

Level 4:

  • Examination of Consciousness (we teach to release you from Denial-Anger-Bargaining-Depression-Acceptance).
  • Dealing with Inordinate Attachments
  • God loves me as an Individual
  • Trust in the Lord

Level 5:

  • John 17:18 'As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world'
  • The Great Commission:
    1. Power as entrusted…commission, right and might
    2. Power as the Father sent the Son
    3. The example of the incarnate Jesus Christ as a man in right relationship with God
    4. Jesus Christ sends believers
    5. In the kingdom of God the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective
    6. Go out and make disciples.

D. Workshop on Leadership

Level 1:

  • Who is a leader
  • Definitions of Leaders
  • Varying Contexts of Leadership
  • Types of Leaders
  • The role of a leader
  • How to accomplish the Task as a Leader

Level 2;

  • What sort of leaders do you need?
  • The call to Christ-likeness?
  • What is the character of Christ-like leader?
  • Christ like in purpose
  • Christ like in strategy

Level 3:

  • How are leaders developed
  • Key elements of effective leadership development programs
  • Building a leadership development culture
  • Cooperating with God
  • Cooperating with one another
  • Call to Action

E. Adopting a Business Workshop

One of Transforming Sydney initiatives is "Adopt a Business": praying for the Domain of Business and asking God to raise people to establish prayer cell groups in every Business in Sydney and other cities.

  • Personal Prayer
  • Corporate Prayer
  • Practical tips to choose the prayer room in your business or company
  • Prayers for Breakthrough for your business
  • Spiritual Warfare - from the basics to bringing down strongholds of the enemy

F. Workshop on Transformation

  • Transforming Your Life
  • Spiritual Gifts and Transformation
  • What is City & Nation Transformation
  • The Church Transformed
  • The Church in the Present: Witness to Hope?
  • The Kingdom of God on Earth As It Is In Heaven.

G. Workshop on Intercession

Just as we pray for our own needs, we pray for those of others, a form of prayer which we call intercession. “Prayers of Intercession consists in asking on behalf of another.

  • Intercession 101
    1. What is Intercession?
    2. Who is an Intercessor?
    3. Characteristics of an Intercessor?
    4. Qualities of an Intercessor?
  • Intercessory Prayer - Our Model Intercessor
  • Intercessory Prayer - Effective Intercession
  • God’s word on Intercession
  • Practical Guidelines on Intercession
  • Different Roles of Intercessors

H. Adopting a Suburb Workshop

  • Releasing the Power Of God in your Suburb and City
  • A Method of Reaching cities by Ed Silvoso’s book
  • Adopt a Suburb
  • Prayer Walking
  • Prayer Mapping
  • The Kingdom of God

I. Restoration Workshop

See also

  • Healing and Inner Healing
  • Business Healing
  • Foundation on Wholeness
  • Healing and Wellbeing

J. Seminars

  • How to use the Beatitudes to change the culture of the spheres of influence in our society (see Vision for the Marketplace).
  • Being an Ambassador of the Kingdom of your Daily Occupation 'Build a community to reach a community' (Personal, Family and Community Transformation).
  • Connecting the Church and the Marketplace.
  • Breaking the Habit with Christ (this session will be led by Christian psychologists): providing awareness of drug habits and addiction, gambling, suicide, etc.