Who is Transforming Sydney?

Transforming Sydney is a servant movement, dedicated to a three-fold mission:

  1. To bring unity among the body of Christ in Sydney.
  2. To see the Kingdom of God in Sydney as it is in Heaven.
  3. To focus on transformation in three areas of society: Family, Church and Marketplace.

Transforming Sydney does not seek attention for itself as such, but lifts up Christ as our King and High Priest, and honours the many fellow-servants across Sydney and beyond who are transforming their spheres of influence through their steadfast obedience to Christ's commands and the urging of the Holy Spirit. It is our fervent hope that all people, church movements and organisations that love, honour and obey Christ will stand together to make a difference in our city.

Transforming Sydney binds itself to the apostolic foundation laid in Canon Scripture (the Old and New Testaments) and Creeds (e.g. the Apostles and Nicene Creeds) as passed to us from the forefathers of the Church, and we agree with the Covenant, aims and principles of the Lausanne Movement

As fellow workers in Christ's vineyard (Mat 20, Joh 15:5) we ask that you put aside doctrinal arguments and positions, apart from the fundamental elements described in the Creeds, the 10 Commandments received by Moses, and God's natural laws, and focus on the things that unite us as Christ's body, in fulfilment of His prayer to the Father (Joh 17). We also ask that you recognise the astounding variety of gifts that the Holy Spirit has bestowed on God's people and celebrate and prayerfully utilise those for God's glory (and not our own - Mat 7:11, Rom 12:6, 1 Cor 12-14, Jam 1:17, 1 Pet 4:10).

Transforming Sydney seeks to be representative of all denominations in Sydney that adhere to the Creeds, and whilst recognising that we have many doctrinal differences, considers the basis of our redemption in Christ, His mandates to us to love God and one another, His Commission to preach the Gospel, and the wonderful variety of gifts given to God's people are of far greater importance.

Note also that Transforming Sydney will not ask you for donations and subsequently does not provide donations itself, however we do encourage you to support and donate to your churches and Christian organisations.


Queries may be directed to:

Lilian Schmid, Facilitator and Convenor of Transforming Sydney.
Email: lilian @ transformingsydney.org
Mobile: 0412 766 917

Bjorn Schmid, Facilitator and Public Officer of Transforming Sydney.
Email: info @ transformingsydney.org
Mobile: 0411 562 751

Incorporation No.: INC9896038
ABN: 37010842046

Core Team

The people below have dedicated themselves to the operation of Transforming Sydney and form the core team for handling of administration matters, meeting regularly, delegation of specific activities, accountability to each other and to the members of TS, and communication to all people connected with TS.

  • Lilian Schmid, Convenor & Facilitator
  • Bjorn Schmid, Public Officer, Acting Treasurer & Facilitator
  • Margaret Santone, Acting Secretary & General Admin

Additional roles and responsibilities will be defined in due course and more people needed to commit themselves to these roles.

Advisors Panel

Transforming Sydney is a movement of the people in Sydney and bring many unqiue gifts and wisdom, but not many can take time from their already busy schedules to be part of the core team. The people below provide advice and assistance to TS as and when needed:

  • Dennis and Ann Outred, Marriage Week
  • Desmond Higgs, Holy Sprit Restoration Ministry
  • Dr. Rev. Denis Plant, Principal of Vision College
  • Ron Edwards MPS PhC, livingeternal.net, buildakingdombusiness.com, International Christian chamber of Commerce NSW
  • Ps. Gideon Sunindito, Ecclesia Mission
  • Rev. Peter Robinson
  • Gordon Griffith, Australian Prayer Network
  • Rachel and Adrian Dunwell, NSW Coordinator, Alpha Australia
  • Ps Beto Bebeto, Transform World China
  • Lilian Schmid
  • Bjorn Schmid


The core team are always accountable to each other and to our church leaders, we do not operate alone but in submission to Christ and the ordained clergy of the universal church.